Scope looking at Washington Heights Reimagined

Tracking The Letters


Washington Heights Reimagined offers augmented views of an incredible historic neighborhood.


Washington Heights Reimagined today offers view of diverse cultural communities.

A view from before 1946 and beyond 2016

Follow the filmmaker’s journey back to Washington Heights, NYC

Augmented Mobile App

Follow the re-remenbered story using an augmented mobile app. Enter more deeply into the world of Washington Heights seventy years ago alongside overlays of the transformed neighborhood it is today.

Geolocating Stories Using Archives

Immigrant stories are the heart of Washington Heights. As the stories of Irish settlers in the 1900s shift into the stories of European Jews after World War I, rich collections of ephemeral materials and multimedia audio visual resources held by NY public archives help reimagine those worlds. Today the largely Dominican Washington Heights population is collecting their stories for retelling today and for future generations.

Data & Demographic Stories

Explore open data and demographics of one of NYC’s dynamic shifting immigrant neighborhoods.