Letter From Cloudcroft – Documentary

What was in the suitcase?

A father’s sealed letter from 1946 begins a daughter’s personal journey and reveals a nation’s hidden history discovering lost and found memories of her Father and country.

The Letter From Cloudcroft – Interactive Documentary

A dual story of daughter Melinda Hess on her reconstructed trek following her Father’s 1946 trip from east coast to the American Southwest unaware of the then top secret project on his arrival unfolds in unexpected compelling ways. The filmmakers secured unprecedented access to incredible sites and material objects where the space race started. Along the way, the discovery of colorful, diverse characters who shared their unique remembered stories of a perplexing and exciting time.

Daughter driving away from the V2 site her Father wrote about.

Follow the filmmaker’s story and the stories she collects while re-tracing her Father’s 1946 trek

The filmmakers are creating an interactive documentary and feature documentary with the story narratives.