Opening The Letter From Cloudcroft Symposium Speakers

The unopened 1946 letter and associated intact letter collection provided a unique, personal touchstone for this unprecedented gathering of scholars and lay professionals addressing the complex issues surrounding the legacy of the V2 rocket in America from historic, cultural, political, ethical and scientific perspectives.

Scholars who participated in the Film’s Symposium & Letter Opening Event:

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New Mexico Centennial (1912-2012)

We thank you everyone for attending our film’s public Humanities symposium. A letter written in 1946 at the Lodge Resort in Cloudcroft, New Mexico, was the focal point as we opened this historic letter after 66 years in the dark. Surrounded by sisters, family, friends and space history and Jewish history scholars, filmmaker Melinda Hess carefully opened her father’s sealed letter on November 10, 2012, where it was penned – The Lodge Resort. We are grateful for the New Mexico Humanities Council (NMHC) support to make this event a huge success. We had ten scholars participating in the symposium, traveling from Southern and Northern New Mexico as well as east and west coasts. We web streamed the event live all day, including the special moment, opening the historic 1946 letter. The letter is extraordinary, more later. Thank you for helping make this historic letter opening a memorable and significant event! We really, really appreciate it!

New Mexico Humanities Film Event