The filmmakers invite friends, family and interested participants to read a line from one of the forty letters written by Private S.O. Hess in 1946 while stationed at Fort Bliss addressed to his parents in their Washington Heights NYC neighborhood. Listen in on the collage of voices. Stay tuned for our interactive experience “Story Listening: Reading the Letters of Private Hess.”

Letters are important. Letters are collections of moments sent from one geographic location to another and/or one time-period to another. The filmmakers invite you to write your own letters, record them to your mobile devices share them on your social hangouts like FaceBook, scan your writings uploading them to image-sharing sites like Flickr. The Letters of Private Hess made public by the LETTER FROM CLOUDCROFT story may serve as a catalyst for you to tell your stories. Be storytellers!

Need a bit of a push to get started? Check out our RESOURCES TO TELL YOUR STORY.

The filmmakers are also digital media educators. The LETTER FROM CLOUDCROFT film project supports social-­based learning and the ways students are already inquiring about the world through mobile and social web+ networks and other informal learning platforms. Our aim is to support to facilitate effective 21st century global learners and citizens.