The Letters

[h6] From a army engineer[/h6][dropcap_1] 21-year old [/dropcap_1]On a train from NYC to El Paso.
[h6] A Collection of Letters From Fort Bliss, Texas [/h6] [dropcap_1] Apt # 62 [/dropcap_1]Back to his German-Jewish parents.
[h6] Filmmaker, Eldest Daughter Melinda Hess [/h6][dropcap_1] Writes [/dropcap_1]Her responses and emotions as she follows the paths of her Father’s letters.
[h6] Air & Space Museum [/h6][dropcap_1] WDC [/dropcap_1]Advisor, Dr. Michael Neufelf, Chair of The Divison of Space History at the Air and Space Museum and author of Von Braun, Dreamer of Space
[h6] Leo Baeck Institute [/h6]- German-Jewish History [dropcap_1] NYC [/dropcap_1]Advisor, Dr. Frank Mecklenburg.
[h6] Real Time Historic Tweets [/h6][dropcap_1] @LFCloudcroft [/dropcap_1]Follow as if it were happening today the letters of a Jewish Army Private Engineer written from Fort Bliss to his parents in Washington Heights, NYC. His observations and experience add a personal account to a national story in the recent aftermath of WWII and the Holocaust
[h6] Letter Excerpt [/h6][dropcap_1] #1 [/dropcap_1] Dear Ma & Dad, I can finally tell you where I am being assigned to. They told me at personnel yesterday,
[h6] Letter Excerpt [/h6][dropcap_1] #2 [/dropcap_1] ” … that I would be shipped to the Rocket Research Project at Fort Bliss, Texas.”
[h6] Letter Excerpt [/h6][dropcap_1] #3 [/dropcap_1]”I haven’t been able to find out exactly where Bliss is, but I expect it is close to the New Mexico and…”
[h6] Letter Excerpt [/h6][dropcap_1] #4 [/dropcap_1] “…Mexico border, in the furthermost corner. The work will deal with the German rockets and also our own.”
[h6] Letter Excerpt [/h6][dropcap_1] #5 [/dropcap_1] “Give my love to Aunt Blanche, and tell her that everything is fine downstairs. Your loving son, Sandy
[h6] The One Unopened Letter From Cloudcroft, New Mexico [/h6][dropcap_1] Spring 2012 [/dropcap_1]Will be opened Spring 2012…
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