We are honored for our documentary film’s fiscal sponsorship and our cross-media project’s fiscal sponsorship.


Logo for The San Francisco Film Society

Our Documentary Film Fiscal Sponsor

To Donate To Our Film, Please Follow These Simple Steps:

(1) Credit card TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS can be made via our direct link to our fiscal agent The San Francisco Film Society.

(2) Or, please make your check payable to:

The San Francisco Film Society

(3) Please be sure to put our Project Number: FSP 1307 and along with our Film’s Title: Letter From Cloudcroft on the memo line of your check.

(4) Please mail your check directly to:

San Francisco Film Society
Finance Department
39 Mesa St. Suite 110
The Presidio
San Francisco, CA 94129

(5) Please contact or email us at letterfromcloudcroft [at] gmail [dot]com about your contribution and we will update you on our film’s progress.

All donations to our film are tax-deductible.

From the Heart Productions Logo

Our Transmedia Project Fiscal Sponsor



To Donate To Our Transmedia Project, Please Follow These Simple Steps:

(1) Your tax free donations check should be made payable to From The Heart Productions with “Moon – Before & After” written in the memo line.

(2) Please address your tax free donations check to:

From the Heart Productions
455 Mandalay Beach Rd.,
Oxnard, CA 93035 USA

For more information from our Transmedia Fiscal Sponsor, please contact Carole Dean at 1-805.984.0098

Thanks! Your support for this documentary transmedia project is greatly appreciated!

Other Ways To Support Us


Thanks to the generosity of one of our donors we have a Panasonic HD camera. We are so grateful!

We have – s t r e t c h e d – our MacBook Pros and iMacs as far as we can extending their use since 2007. We now need faster processing for HD video workflows. Here’s how you can help:

MacbookPro15-inch: 2.3GHz with Retina display

Macbookpro15-inch: 2.3GHz with Retina display


iMac-27-inch: 3.4GHz

iMac-27-inch: 3.4GHz


Mac mini with OS X Server

Mac mini with OS X Server





  • If you work at Apple please consider using your Apple discount to donate a newer model MacBook Pro, iMac to Mac Mini with OS X Server for our project.
  • If you are a super geek who buys the latest and greatest, we’d luv your last model.
  • If you are a  storage solution company we’d greatly appreciate hard drives fast enough for HD video.

Shout out again to our video camera donation! Thank you so much for you Mac computer donation. We greatly appreciated it and could not make or film without your support.


Matching Donations

If you work for a start-up, company or organization you could inquire if they support matching employee charitable contributions. Your donations of video production equipment or computer equipment are also greatly appreciated.

Transportation, Food & Lodging

Trader Joe's Store Logo

Trader Joe’s Store Gift Cards

Since our film and transmedia project involves travel we appreciate your in-kind donations of a couch to rest on, beds to sleep in, simple, local and homemade cuisine and all forms of transportation – plane, train, subway, metro, bus tickets as well as rental cars –are all essential gifts to these filmmakers.


Much Gratitude and Many Thanks

Thank you so much for your support! Please contact us if you have any questions about our film or donations. We appreciate all of our Donors, Sponsors, Advisors, Contributors, Collaborators & Partners. Without you, we couldn’t make this film or transmedia project.