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Melinda Hess at Tikva-Records Pop-Up Space

Melinda Hess at Tikva-Records Pop-Up Space

Amazing opportunity to stop in and to attend the opening of Tikva Records opening in San Francisco. Put on by the Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation and really cool Jewish guys – David Katznelson and Jos Kun and their friends. This music collection is important to our documentary given its focus on American-Jewish voices in the aftermath of WWII.

The exhibit “Tikva In Technicolor” feature displays and information on the creative people behind the record label as well as the recording artists. We especially liked the interactive iPad remix traditional Jewish music with beats for a modern experience with timeless tracks. The Idelsohn Society Wiki is a treasure trove of Jewish music. Featured tracks are also available on the Idelsohn Society site. The LPs, black and white photos and little film theatre are all on display in this little Mission Street storefront.

With standing room only, the Live Score to Film ‘His Excellency’ (1928) by Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin and band was something to be experienced. The whole idea of the Pop-Up store, concert series holiday events is innovative, historic and way fun!

Listen to the entertaining podcast of December 2011 Terry Gross interviewing Jos Kun on NPR’s Fresh Air special Reviving ‘Songs For The Jewish-American Jet Set.’