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Where Private Sandy worked in 1946

The Synopsis *

LETTER FROM CLOUDCROFT is a feature and cross-platform documentary following the behind-the-scenes stories of a daughter uncovering her Jewish father’s work with German rocket scientists, linking the Holocaust with the American Space Program.

Private Sandy's Block House view

Story Engagement *

As the story unfolds across platforms, audiences discover personal and place-based narrative elements. Enhanced audience experiences are delivered through the film’s associated Moon – Before and After Transmedia Project. Private Sandy and his daughter Melinda’s multilayered stories are visually presented based on events before the American manned mission to the moon in 1969 and after. Audiences are encouraged to follow daughter Melinda Hess’s journey as she traverses the terrain of family and personal secret information. Along the way the filmmakers and designers create transparency tools and apps mapping them online for free public use for audiences to discover their own stories.

Sandy with young daughter Melinda Hess

About The Filmmakers *

Filmmaker/Co-Producer/Daughter Melinda Hess’s career has spanned over 25 years in film, video & interactive media. Initially a TV news cinematographer, she became a film editor, cutting award winning documentaries for PBS and independent producers. Her passion is telling people’s stories. From her first documentary based on the diaries of pioneer women, she strives to illuminate historic moments through first person accounts. Her current projects, a feature length documentary film and transmedia project follow her journey to uncover the story of her Jewish father’s participation in the covert missile project between U.S. and German Nazis rocket scientists that launched the American Space Program.

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Film Director/Cross-Media Designer Patricia G. Antelles directs the project’s interdisciplinary collaborative team producing the story-based emerging cross-media experiences. Her interactive transmedia focus keeps engagement a priority as part of the overarching story design.

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About The Advisors *