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Project Storytellers, Crew & Advisors

Melinda Hess

Melinda Hess is a traditional and digital film editor. She extends her editing skills to interactive as a time-based media creator. Her background as a film editor inspires her interactive video sensibility and narrative approach to non-narrative storytelling.

Patricia G. Antelles

Patricia Antelles is an independent interdisciplinary interactive designer creating narrative emerging prototypes, apps and immersive media projects. As a story-based media producer, Antelles is a frequent collaborator with other filmmakers, artists and youth groups producing participatory story-based experiences.

Our Advisors

Subject Matter Experts & Great Storytellers
Dr. Frank Mecklenburg

Dr. Frank Mecklenburg

Director of Research; Chief Archivist Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, New York City

Dr. Michael Neufeld

Museum curator, Space History, Smithsonian Institution, National Air & Space Museum

Dr. David Shneer

Director Program in Jewish Studies, Louis P. Singer Endowed Chair in Jewish History, University of Colorado, Boulder

Dr. Ronnie Grinberg

Assistant Professor at The University of Oklahoma, American History, Washington Heights Historican

Fran Sterling,

Storyteller, Holocaust educator and teacher trainer.

Darren Court

Director White Sands Missile Range Museum

Martha Shipman Andrews

Author and New Mexico State University Archivist

Gregg Drinkwater

PhD student at University of Colorado Boulder, writer and grew up at White Sands Missile Range

Stories of our Journey


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Popped In On Tikva Records Pop-Up Store & Concert Series

Amazing opportunity to stop in and to attend the opening of Tikva Records opening in San Francisco. Put on by the Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation and really cool Jewish guys – David Katznelson and Jos Kun and their friends. This music collection is important...

East Bay House Party Fundraiser

Our first public fundraiser for our project. Andrea Hess, the youngest daughter of Sanford O. Hess, and her husband Eric Rubin will host The East Bay House Party in Oakland, California. We are so appreciative for this opportunity to present the incredible story of...

Sanford Oscar Hess Birth Announcement, 1925

  Today Private Sandy Hess, my father, would be 87 years old, if he were still living on earth. He’s been gone for almost 23 years now. So much has happened in space exploration since 1946 when he was assigned to ‘Project Paperclip’ and worked on the V2 Project...

Rockets & Ephemerals @ Prelinger Library

Amazing research day with Rick and Megan Prelinger at The Prelinger Library. The stacks of books, periodicals, printed ephemera and government documents are an incredible resource for our personal, popular culture approach to our stories. The library is located in San...

The Story

In LETTER FROM CLOUDCROFT, a daughter uncovers the alliance between American and German rocket scientists in 1940's New Mexico through her Jewish Father's letters, discovered after his death. One still unopened 1946 letter from the Lodge at Cloudcroft begins a...

Opening The 1946 Letter From Cloudcroft

Opening The Letter From Cloudcroft Symposium Speakers The unopened 1946 letter and associated intact letter collection provided a unique, personal touchstone for this unprecedented gathering of scholars and lay professionals addressing the complex issues surrounding...

My Grandmother’s Cookie Jar

  I have a cookie jar story to share that connects the present with the past. On a bitter cold day in December I revisited my grandparent’s old neighborhood in Washington Heights- a formerly German Jewish neighborhood in NYC. I hadn’t been there in over 30 years-...

Trek to Trinity

Last weekend, a triad of historic, scientific and spiritually significant events occurred within three days. The religious holidays of Passover and Easter flanked the solemn occasion of the one day public opening in April of Trinity site, the “ground zero” for the...

The Same Block House View – 65 Years Later

Standing in the middle of the dark bunker lit only by the sunlight streaming through the wide open door and three odd shaped windows, I felt not alone, but surrounded by ghosts. Ghosts of the men- German rocket scientists, U.S. Army soldiers and engineers that stood...

Reaction to – Jewish Voice From Germany

On the Jewish Voice From Germany Facebook Page wrote: "Thank you so much! Warm greetings from Berlin!" I am utterly dismayed and surprised by my reaction to receiving an email that reads, “Warm greetings from Berlin.” I never thought I’d be excited or thrilled to see...

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